22k Gold Plated, Lapis Lazuli, Bullet Earrings - Lapis

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These gemstones showcase a mesmerizing deep blue hue, giving them a unique and eye-catching appeal. The gemstones are expertly cut and polished to enhance their beauty and showcase their natural patterns. Features a 3-chain dangle design, creating movement and grace as they sway delicately with each step. The chains are carefully crafted from a high-quality, shimmering metal, providing an elegant backdrop to the lapis lazuli gemstones.

The name Lapis-Lazuli comes from Persian and translates along as “blue stone”. Spiritually Lapis-Lazuli brings wisdom, sincerity and highlights the interior truth, with a lapis-lazuli one becomes “Emperor” of his “Spiritual” empire.  Lapis Lazuli or Emperor’s Stone is also considered a friendship stone.

  • Handmade Item
  • Natural Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli
  • Lapis Lazuli:  September
  • Dark Blue: January, November
  • Boho & Hippie, Eclectic
  • 22k Gold Plated, Brass
  • Length: Approx 8cm
  • Weight: Approx 33g
  • It comes with a complimentary gift box.

Note: *Gemstones are a naturally occurring product. There will always be some degree of colour shift (particularly under different lighting) and variation in shape and texture. This is what makes gemstone jewellery so unique- no two pieces are identical.*

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